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Our Oils

Did you know that Cannabis Oil is very trendy this decade? Specialists are going the alternate route by using our natural products to treat common disorders and chronic diseases. These include cancer, neurological conditions and autoimmune diseases.
We recommend our cannabis oil products for pain relief, insomnia, depression, fatigue, mood disorders and anxiety!

Our fabulous team at Cannabis Oil promises world class services. We offer top products. We are up to date with all the latest trends worldwide.

We also keep on top of legislative updates. We are developing fantastic cannabis oil products for medical purposes and offer additional support to all our patients, depending on their needs.

CBD Cannabis Oil

CBD is a very strong medicinal cannabinoid with therapeutic effects for common human ailments and chronic diseases.

CBN  Cannabis Oil

CBN is a well-known sedative. It helps you sleep!

THCA Blend Cannabis Oil

The most powerful medication. THCA is at its best when blended with CBD. Suitable for most people in the treatment of cancer, epilepsy, diabetes etc. Non high.

THC Cannabis Oil

The most powerful medication for pain. blended with CBD and suitable for most people in the treatment of cancer and severe pain.

Over 4000 Happy Clients

Our mission is to help all South Africans to enjoy a richer quality of life.

100% Organic

Our product are made from natural ingredients which allows the body to absorb them very easily. The oils are blended with 100% organic coconut butter for improved absorption. Cannibus Cannabis Oil only uses the best pure coconut butter and cannabis oils.

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The Cannabis Oil team is available 24/7 to answer your queries and to take your Cannabis Oil orders. You can order tinctures, capsules, creams and oils from us directly. We deliver to your door. We educate our clients about the use of  Cannabis Oil and best to combine the oils with other medications, like chemotherapy.

Our mission is to help all South Africans to enjoy a richer quality of life.

Get Cannabis Oil products for your health. We treat cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis. Chat to us to find out which  Cannabis oil product is best for you.

Note: Please be advised that all content and information on our website is specifically aimed at offering information concerning Cannibus and its derivative products. We strongly suggest that you do not start any Cannibus therapy before active consultation with your doctor or specialist.

Cannibus oil is the best available alternative medication for cancer

– and we have testimonials of many happy clients.

Our Cannibus Oil has proven to fight epilepsy

– from 3 seizures a day to 2 a month. We have seen it.

The safest treatment for insomnia.

– no side effects, no lack of energy.

Arthritis with no pain

– many happy users have said it work!

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